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Angular 7 & Travis CI

March 16th 2019

There is official Angular documentation which explains how to set up an Angular project with Travis CI. However its a bit confusing and includes multiple steps, at least for me. You need to create a new protractor-ci.conf.js file and alter the contents of the default karma.conf.js file. Chances are you completely miss this part and ends up with a failed Travis build. If you need a quick start Travis config file that works without altering multiple config files, then this post is for you…

Useful javascript console.log() tricks that every web developer should know

February 19th 2019

There are different ways to use the javascript “console” command for debugging & fun. I am sure every web developer out there use the console.log() command a lot. And like me, that was the only command I used for console logging for a long time. But seems like there are more to the actual console command. Here I will list some of the cool, useful and often fun console tricks that I learned in the past…

Export/Import existing laravel homestead machine

August 20th 2017

When you are developing Laravel application, its always a good idea to use Homestead. This will make it easy to focus on your development rather than spending time in preparing the development environment & dependencies. This article is not a tutorial on how to use Homestead, instead it focusses on exporting and importing an existing Homestead box into another machine. So I assume that you are already familiar in working with Homestead…