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Hello there,

Welcome to NBK's personal blog. I write mainly on coding and such stuffs in this blog. I am a full stack developer, familiar with Angular, PHP, Python, Node and various other technologies. Apart from creating websites, my interests includes building applications for Desktop & Mobile, creating browser extensions and playing with Go. I am a FLOSS supporter and works mainly on Open Source technologies and Tools.

You can follow me on Twitter, or shoot an email at nbk (at) duck (dot) com.

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This blog is powered by Toto, coded in Ruby and hosted on Heroku. Toto is a git powered, minimalist blog engine for the hackers of Oz. The engine weighs around ~300 sloc at its worse ! This site also uses an modified version of Dorothy, a template for Toto. The commenting system is powered by Commento. The source code with blog posts are timely updated on Github.
git clone https://github.com/0xnbk/blog.nbk.dev.git
I encourage to use the source (Not the blog posts), but make the necessary changes to stand out.